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Fertilizer Rooting Hormone Powder 15g For Seedling Cutting Grafting

SKU: HKGS01048
  • 15g Rooting Hormone Professional Pack
  • Suitable for cutting Branches, seedlings, seed soaking, and big tree transplanting.
  • Easy to Use
  • Germination Kits & Hydroton etc also available with us

    This Product Formulations Foreign Rooting Powder And Plant Growth Characteristics Of Multi-well-developed. Easy To Use, The Root Rate Is Good, Using A Wide Range Of High-performance Security Has Been Inserted Skewer Or Transplanting In Fruit Trees, Nursery Stock, Flowers, Vegetables And Other Crops Widely Used. In Solving Fruit Trees Cuttings, Layering Is Not Rooting Or Rooting Less; Improve The Survival Rate Of Crops, Improve Growing, Enhance Disease Resistance, And Promote The Healthy Growth Of The Seedlings Have A Significant Effect. BUA-3 Contains Ingredients That Can Quickly Form On The Surface And Root Crops, Wound Effective Protective Layer To Prevent Virus Infection. Scope: Suitable For Seedlings Cuttings, Garden Plants, Planting Seedlings. Usually Adopt The Following Methods: 1, Fast Leaching (to Take Root Seedlings) : 1 G 0.2 1 Kg Of Water, 2-3 Cm Dip Dip In Cutting Base 5 To 15 Seconds. Can Handle 3000 Tree Seedlings. 2, Slow-soaking Method (suitable For Hard Rooting Seedlings) : 1 Gram Of Water 5-10 Kilograms, Soaking Cutting Base 3 To 10 Hours. 3, With Root Method (suitable For Seedlings Transplanting) : 1 Gram Of Water 5-10 Kilograms, Add A Few Clay, Made From Rare Mud, Can Be In 500-1000 Tree Seedlings. 4, Root Water Method (suitable Big Trees Transplanting) : 1 Gram Of Water 20 Kg, Filling And Root. Diameter At Breast Height 5 Cm, Can Pour 40-50. Diameter At Breast Height 10 Centimeters, Can Pour 10-20. 5, Seed Soaking: 1 Gram Of 40-50 Kilograms Of Water, Soaking Seed 10 To 24 Hours, Can Improve The Germination Rate

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